About us

The Partnership is financially supported by Cumbria County Council via grants to support business advice and networking activities and through the provision of staff time to support the steering group’s activities.  The Council employs a Social Enterprise Manager to support the development and financial sustainability of the social enterprise sector in Cumbria enabling them to flourish and make their full contribution to the county’s wealth creation, employment and skills base.

The Partnership is governed by a Constitution and managed by a Steering Group made up of representatives of various bodies and organisations involved in the social enterprise sector in Cumbria.

The objectives of the Partnership are:

  • To increase the formation, growth and survival rates of Cumbrian social enterprises.
  • To improve information and communication between and outside the Cumbrian social enterprise sector in the North West of England and beyond.
  • To grow market opportunities for Cumbrian social enterprises.
  • To represent the interests of the Cumbrian social enterprise sector.
  • To work with local, regional national and transnational bodies to strengthen the sector.